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2024 Tariffs at Port of Sydney

All prices are in CAD. Effective January 1st, 2024


1. Berthage rates per gross registered tons are:

a) For the first period of 12 hours or part thereof $0.048 b) For the second period of 12 hours or part thereof $0.048 c) For each succeeding period of 12 hours or part thereof $0.028

2. The minimum daily rate for berthage: For vessels less than 100’ – $150.00 For vessels over 100’ – $200.00


1. The passenger rate for a continuous voyage are: a) For each adult $9.25 b) For each child (under 12 years of age) $9.25 c) Turnaround passengers $9.25 adult / $9.25 child


Wharfage 2024
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1. Security services a) Security Guard $31.00 b) Security Guard – Statuary Canadian Holiday Rate 1.5 x $31.00

Rates subject to change based on security services contract terms. Charges are billed on actual costs incurred with the security company with a 15% surcharge for administration


1. For supplying of water to a vessel: a) Water rate per tonne $2.62 b) Meter charge $75.00 c) Labour rate per hour $59.00 d) For continuous service while vessel is docked: a minimum 4 hour charge for hook-up and minimum 4 hours for disconnect


1. Storage for goods in sheds other than frost proof sheds, per day or part thereof per M/T $0.30 2. Storage for goods in frost proof sheds per day or part thereof per M/T $0.38 3. Storage for goods on wharf per day or part thereof per M/T $0.182


1. Services a) Sewage and wastewater removal $0.03/litre b) Fuel delivery is $0.03 per litre up to a maximum charge of $1,000/delivery 2. Hot work permit. Per issue $25.00

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