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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Corporate Information

The Port of Sydney Development Corporation has a mandate to manage and develop the largest port development opportunity in eastern North America: the Port of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Port of Sydney’s wide development mandate includes the harbour and the development of its infrastructure, including marine, truck, rail and air transportation services.

The development mandate includes facilities contributing to or engaged in the movement of commercial goods through the seaports, highways, railroads and airports and all complementary and support services.

The Port of Sydney’s 16.5 metre deep channel and sheltered inner harbour are the foundation for growing vessel traffic and marine services sector opportunities.

Please contact us about growth opportunities:

  • fuel services

  • waste oil disposal

  • international waste disposal

  • tug and barge services

  • homeport opportunities

  • watersports & harbour events

  • chandler and warehousing services …and all marine services related business.

The Port of Sydney operates within a designated Foreign Trade Zone Point. More information is available here.

The Port of Sydney is the location of a proposed deep-water multi-modal terminal. Learn more about the NOVAPORTE project. Visit

Information for, Bulk handling facilities. Visit Home | pev-v1 (

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