Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion / Marina

Port of Sydney


In order to dock at the Sydney Marina, you must book through our partner the Dobson Yacht Club,

Dobson members must (as per the MOU):

  • Pay our regular daily dockage at $1.50ft/day, or
  • Buy a seasonal slip at the Sydney Marina for $1200, or
  • If you already have a seasonal pier at Dobson, you can pay an additional $250 for the year for the right to dock on an On-Available basis.

If you are a transient boater or non-DYC member:

  • Regular daily dockage is at $1.50ft/day, or
  • Seasonal slip at the Sydney Marina for $1200.

*Please note that Slip bookings are to be done at the Dobson Yacht Club. As such boaters will need to proceed to DYC (for sizing/registration etc), before docking at Port of Sydney Marina

They can be contacted at 902-562-0515 their hours of operations are from 12pm-12am.

*Please contact them during hours of operations.

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